Multifocal IOLs in Las Vegas, NV

What are Multifocal IOLs

Artificial lenses, known as Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) are implanted in the eye during cataract surgery, to replace the cloudy natural lens. IOLs were once only able to correct distance vision, earlier lens implants (monofocals) were available but they had only one focal point and could not adjust to varying distances. Many cataract patients are affected by either nearsightedness or farsightedness in addition they may also be affected by presbyopia, natural changes to the eyes that occur as we age.
New advances in technology allowed for the development of Multifocal IOLs which allow patients to see clearly at all distances and correct astigmatism as well. This makes Multifocal IOLs ideal for cataract patients who want a replacement lens which provide a full range of clear vision.

The Multifocal IOL is a breakthrough in lens implant surgery. Over five million lens implant procedures are performed worldwide each year. Until recently, most of these procedures have involved the exchange of the natural lens inside the eye for a single vision [monofocal] lens. In the past few years, hundreds of thousands of people who are candidates for the Multifocal IOL have enjoyed a full range of vision with independence from glasses.

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